The Discovery

So how did we come to discover the beneficial healing qualities of snail secretion for human skin?

In 1980 the Bascunan Family from Chile bred snails for export for the French Food Market. It was their snail handlers who noticed how minor cuts healed without infection or scarring as well as the unusual softness of their hands. A light bulb flashed....

And then it all began! Rigorous scientific studies of the Chilean snail “Helix Aspera Muller” secretion confirmed that it contained an extraordinary combination of natural substances that was proven to regenerate, heal and protect human skin! 

It took 15 years to develop and transform snail secretion into a cosmetic repair cream and finally in 1995 Elicina was launched and patented by the World Organisation of Patents in Geneva.

Elicina is produced in accordance with the World Health Organisation guidelines and is supported by rigorous clinical research with mounting testimonials from consumers and the press.
Elicina is the discovery your skin has been waiting for...