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Price: £29.95 per jar

Elicina Original Snail Cream 1.3oz

The original hero product of the Elicina range! Containing 80% snail secretion it is the most potent and powerful cream of the range. Launched in 1995 this cream has a cult following and is a beauty secret of many worldwide.


NEW! Elicina Eye Contour Cream XT 0.52oz

The latest addition to the Elicina range is a powerful anti aging eye cream.
The new eye cream takes the powerful boosting qualities of the original snail cream to a new level with its new added ingredient of Plantain. Plantain much like snail secretion contains amazing anti aging properties but adds a further boost of Aucubin and Vitamins B1 and C.
With added moisture and double potency this new eye cream is a must for anyone wishing to keep their eyes in tip top condition.

Price: £29.95 per jar

Elicina After Shave Balm 3.47oz

The Elicina After Shave Balm, especially beneficial for men who suffer from the same-day-second-shave-syndrome. Its formulation is more liquid than the cream as a result of the emulsions it contains. Nevertheless the balm has the same properties as the Elicina cream i.e. Allantoin, Collagen, Elastin, Proteins and Glycolic Acid in their natural form, which helps the skin’s restorations after shaving.
Elicina balm has a soft pleasant fragrance and is non-greasy, which makes it easily absorbable. It comes in a 100ml pome and all you do is apply a moderate amount after shaving as a little goes a long way!

after shave

Price: £37.95 per tube

NEW! Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask 2.90oz

Another addition to the Elicina range that contains their new added ingredient Plantain.
Elicina Xtreme pampers your skin providing noble nutrients obtained in natural form from the extract of the snail and plantain combined, such as: Alantoin, Collagen, Elastin, Proteins, Glycolic Acid, Aucubin and Vitamins B1 and C.
Elicina Xtreme works like a natural and intensive cocktail that exfoliates, decongests, regenerates and nurtures the tissues helping it to recover its elasticity and firmness leaving your skin renovated and soft.
Elicina Xtreme Snail-Plantain is a hydro-nutritive and exfoliant mask that diminishes the sings of facial aging and delays its progression in an intensive treatment of only 10 minutes a week.