The Discovery

So how did we come to discover the beneficial healing qualities of snail secretion for human skin?

In 1980 the Bascunan Family from Chile bred snails for export for the French Food Market. It was their snail handlers who noticed how minor cuts healed without infection or scarring as well as the unusual softness of their hands. A light bulb flashed....

And then it all began! Rigorous scientific studies of the Chilean snail “Helix Aspera Muller” secretion confirmed that it contained an extraordinary combination of natural substances that was proven to regenerate, heal and protect human skin! 

It took 15 years to develop and transform snail secretion into a cosmetic repair cream and finally in 1995 Elicina was launched and patented by the World Organisation of Patents in Geneva.

Elicina is produced in accordance with the World Health Organisation guidelines and is supported by rigorous clinical research with mounting testimonials from consumers and the press.
Elicina is the discovery your skin has been waiting for...

Elicina Production

The Bascunan family has now adopted over 10,000 snails! Their qualified staff maintain the snails environment by making sure the snails are in best nutrition, hygiene, humidity and temperature. No chemicals are used in this process, in order to produce the most natural environment for the snails!

This is a safe process for the snails and we would like to emphasise that no snail is harmed or injured in the process.

The secretion abudntely left behind by the snails is collected and sent off to Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Laboratory Lacofar Ltd Chile, which is responsibile for conducting the microbiological and bacteriological tests that are also required by the Chilean Health Authorities. After conclusing anaylsis Lacfor Ltd proceeds in mixing 80% extract with 20% excipients which is then sent on for further tests of stability.

Finally Elicina is bottled and packed and distributed to its different markets all over the world! Elicina has a shelf life of three years and has been recommended to keep under standard room temperature.


Elicina is hypo allergenic and can be used by men, women, children and even pregnant women.

It is advised to use Elicina both day and night along with a simple daily moisturiser and sun protection to achieve the best results.

Elicina contains a low amount of glycolic acid which peels the dead outer layer of skin to open clogged pores to allow for deep penetration of the repairing qualities in the skin follicles. As a result some people may experience a “drying” or a “tight sensation”. This usually subsides after applying a moisturiser however if it persists, then only use Elicina once a day instead of twice.

The natural ingredient of Allantoin which speeds the renewal of skin cells, collagen and elastin to nourish the skin of its own components, so will act to restore your skin. In a minority of cases people with acne prone skin may experience a temporary break out of spots. This is because the active ingredients in Elicina cream are drawing out impurities


Elicina contains 80% snail secretion and a 20% cream base.

The 80% snail secretion in Elicina contains the following proven ingredients in its natural form:

Allantoin, for a long time has been proven to make the regeneration of human skin possible. It is a most effective repairing substance for scar tissues. It is also an antioxidant, which helps fight off free-radicals, the scavengers that damage skin and speed the ageing process. The SNAIL has the capacity of regenerating its own shell if broken by using calcium obtained through its diet and the action of Allantoin.

Proteins and vitamins which result in richness and softness of skin. The snail obtains these proteins and vitamins from what it feeds on: exquisite vegetables, such as carrots and lettuce, you might also want to try eating for your health. Vitamins act as an anti-inflammatory and also protect the skin from free radicals.

Collagen & Elastin which are the main components of the human skin connective tissue.

Glycolic Acid helps in the exfoliation or peeling of the skin, to get rid of dead cells that are on the surface of your skin and to carry within it the skin repairing ingredients. ELICINA® CREAM has been designed to be as natural as possible. It's composition is: 80% extract and 20% excipients. It is useful on almost any skin and age. What is also unique is that all those ingredients are naturally present in the snail's secretions, combined in one substance as designed by nature's wisdom itself, to function synergistically in the repair of damaged tissues. They also restore healthy normal looking skin colouration. The results are permanent and best when the cream is applied early after skin damage has taken place.

The 20% cream base includes the following ingredients:

Natural mineral oil which is beneficial to the skin contrary to the myths of the cosmetic industry. There is no scientific evidence or literature supporting the myth and what is said is at best anecdotal. Most people perpetuating this myth have forgotten they were raised as a baby having mineral oil and petrolatum rubbed daily on their behinds -- with only beneficial results.

Propyleneglicol which is combination of glycerin and water, a humectant in cosmetics. The most common moisture-carrying vehicle in cosmetics other than water. A skin conditioner and viscosity decreasing agent necessary to make the secretions into a cream.

Stearic acid is an essential saturated fatty acid (EFAs), one of the fifty nutrients needed to sustain your body's good health. It serves as a softener in cosmetics and in low quantities it is not irritating. Also called OCTADECANOIC ACID, one of the most common organic long-chain fatty acids, found in combined form in natural animal and vegetable fats. Is prepared commercially by treating animal fats with water at high temperature and at high pressure. It can also be obtained from the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, including cottonseed oil.

Cetil alcohol a natural emollient and emulsifier derived from palm oil.

Sodium laurisulphate SLS a white powder used as a detergent, emulsifier, and surfectant (tension reducer) in cosmetics. A reduced surface tension gives a product better absorption into the skin and promotes spreading of the product. SLS is also a very strong degreaser, and is used as a water "softener". Contained in the cream in minimum quantity.

Diazonidinil urea (Urea: The body's own natural moisturizer (a mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Ammonium) Urea attracts and retains moisture in the corneum layer - increasing water absorption. It is synthezized naturally in the body, passing through the skin and acting as a true moisturizer along the way. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and deodorizing actions allow it to protect the skin's surface against negative changes).

Methylparaben and Popylparaben (less than 0.1%) to preserve that which is good, pure and unspoiled with chemicals that are non-toxic, non irritating and able to destroy or inhibit the growth of yeast and mould which otherwise would spoil the finished product before it is used.

Triethanolamine a solvent for the preservatives (in minute quantity). It solves the problem of stability of the preservative over a broad range of pH and temperature conditions. Commonly used in shaving cream and other toiletries as a solvent.