Customer Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for introducing me to Elicina Cream. My skin was in bad condition after I caught chicken pox last year in my 30’s! As a result, I was left with really bad pock-marks and some scarring. I have noticed the most incredible results in the 6 weeks since I have started using Elicina Cream,not only with the fact that the marks are starting to fade but also my skin tone has become more even. Elicina Cream is a great product as the cream is so rich that a
little goes a long way, making it excellent value for money. Elicina Cream is a product that I have to have always. Thanks again.
Miss A. Edwards, London April 2003

I have been using your Elicina Cream for a few months now and have been amazed by the results I am seeing. I have had several operations on my hands and arms and was very fed up with the scars and the questions that were always asked when people saw them. My scars were discoloured and as I have Asian skin the area around the scar was dark and offensive and the scar was bumpy. As I used the cream I noticed that the scar has lightened in colour and does seem to have flattened. Which makes it blend in with my normal skin tone better…I hope more people will use Elicina Cream and gain more confidence as I have
Mrs. Komal Sidhu, Cheshire, May 2003

I just want to let you know what great results I've had since using your cream. I've suffered with acne for some years now and nothing seemed to work, other than really expensive treatments, which I couldn't afford any more. Elicina Cream has really done the trick and I can't believe how much more confident it's made me. Not only do I have clearer skin, I also have more spare cash because your cream lasts so long! Once again, thank you (and those beautiful snails) for this great product. My
friends have all said how great my skin's been looking, so I wouldn't be surprised if they start using Elicina Cream too!
Mrs. J. Morgan, Manchester March 2003

Thank you for your brilliant cream. As your website says, it definitely does what it says it will do! It's clearing up my acne scars, which I never thought would happen. I just wish I'd used this while I was at school because it would have made my life a lot easier. Your customer advisor was brilliant by the way. She spent a lot of time talking me through not just the cream but some useful skin care tips which I hadn't thought of before.
Mr. A. Ferry, Bristol April 2003

I'm a mother of two and have sustained horrendous stretch marks over my body. I was first recommended Elicina Cream to try out and have now been using it for approximately a month. The results are already very pleasing! I have noticed that some of my smaller stretch marks are diminishing whilst the larger ones have evened out, lost colouration and are not so furrowed. My partner has even noticed the change! The only regret I have is that Elicina Cream was not available when I first had children. I truly believe that this would have made a vast difference to the appearance of my skin. I think Elicina Cream is excellent and it has done wonders for my confidence.
Mrs. Julie Geis, Oxfordshire, May 2003

l love this Elicina Cream; it has worked for my acne scars within a week diminishing the red marks to nothing. I am now using it for my stretch marks and it is working brilliantly. I have also convinced my mother to try it and she has ordered 4 jars!!
Nicole LaPolt, USA February 2002
This is my second order and I can't tell you enough how well this product has worked for me!!! I have seen immediate improvement in both color and texture on the abdomen scar! Thank you so much Elicina!
Carl Ferstle, USA, February 2002

This is my third order- this stuff (Elicina Cream) is truly a miracle!!! Thanks so much for helping me to get my self-esteem back!
Elizabeth Watts, USA, February 2002

At last I have found your brilliant product (Elicina Cream) that changed my life forever. As instructed, I apply in the morning & night. My Keloid Scar is improving where the colour is getting lighter; kinda getting smaller too. Thank you
so much.
Joel Young, SINGAPORE, Feb 2002

This is my third time ordering Elicina Cream. My sister and I have used six bottles already. We both love the cream and would like to continue to use it.
Kim Esther, USA, February 2002

I was initially sceptical about ordering your product online because I live in the Middle East and delivery might take so much time, not to mention that I am not sure whether paying all the shipment charges would be worth my trouble. However, I was desperate, and so I did. Now, after just 3 days of using Elicina Cream, my skin had improved dramatically and my cysts have dried. Now, the bumps have gone down and only brown discoloration marks, which can easily be hidden by my make-up had remained. Some of my friends who also have acne problems were hesitant to order anything from the internet but now I can show them its worth it.
M.F. Sharma, United Arab Emirates, February 2002

I've been using facial cream (Elicina Cream) for almost a year now. It has been the best product on the market for razor bump treatment. I am even more confident with my modeling now.
Avyeon Campbell-Bellson, USA, February 2002

I have been dealing with issues with my skin since I was 13 and I am 26 now. I have tried every single over-the-counter acne product you can buy as well as every single skin care product in the department stores. I've tried several products from the TV infomercials and I've also been to several dermatologists.I spent hundreds upon thousands of dollars on my face and I have even changed my diet. I finally found a dermatologist in Beverly Hills that helped clear up my skin a lot. She prescribed me on Tazorac and six months later I was getting chemical peels for the scarring. It helped and so far I've had three peels. I still use the Tazorac at night but lately, after a wild trip to Vegas, I broke out pretty bad. I needed results fast; that's when I came across the Elicina Cream. I have to admit I wasn't too keen of the whole snail idea but I'm the type of person that will try anything. Anyway, I bought it and when the product arrived I was scared at first because it contained stearic acid. In other products that contained stearic acid I always broke out because I'm allergic to it. But I suppose the percentage used in the Elicina Cream is so low that it doesn't affect me. Because, I kid you not....OVERNIGHT! the acne that I had acquired was next to diminished. It has now been three days and everything has completely cleared up and even the scarring is gone. I can't believe it but this product does WORK! I will continue to order. This is the most wonderful product I have ever found and I pray that it is around for years to come. Because, I don't think that I could bear to part with it. Thank You!
Leah Vargas, South America, March 2002

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