1.- Does Elicina also work on old scars?
As a general rule, every old skin lesion is harder to fade away than when treated at an earlier stage. However best results can be obtained but it takes longer, 3 to 4 months of daily use (twice a day). In these cases it is possible to apply Elicina three times a day, but not on the face for it is too delicate and won’t withstand 3 daily applications well.
Remember to be consistent in order to see results. You must have in mind that all skins are different; some will see results before others.
2.- After my pregnancy I ended up with many stretch marks, can Elicina help me diminish them?
Stretch marks have three phases:
1st - Purple colored stretch mark: this is the stretch mark in its first phase and is easier to fade away applying Elicina.
2nd - Pink colored stretch mark: second phase, here it is still possible to diminish the stretch mark although it would take longer. (2 months aprox.)
3rd - White colored stretch mark: third phase, there are not many surgical or cosmetic solutions to deal with this problem.
Results depend on two factors, first, the phase where the stretch mark is at that point and secondly, on the type of skin. All skins act differently from one to another. Generally, people who use Elicina have seen results in the first month of use, consistency is of most importance.
To avoid stretch marks appearing during pregnancy we recommend using Elicina throughout this whole period in the more susceptible areas. With only 2 applications a day you can avoid these undesirable marks on your skin.
Furthermore, Elicina has an extremely rapid absorption. You don’t have to ”wait 15 minutes” for it to absorb and then dress. In seconds you will be ready to go and the best of all is that it is odorless, a factor that could complicate any pregnant woman’s existence, quite a bit.
3.- Could Elicina help me fight my psoriasis?
So far, psoriasis has been a mystery, for we have known a few cases that have assured us their skin improved noticeably with this affection. However this is not the case among other patients who suffer psoriasis and have used Elicina . Even though we assure safety with the use of Elicina, our policy on this matter is to consult your physician first. We feel it is unethical to encourage use to our customers of something we are not absolutely certain.

4.- Could Elicina help me fight vitiligo?
Definitely not. We have provided Elicina to people with this problem and unfortunately there were no changes at all.
5.- I have dry skin, how should I use Elicina on my face?
Elicina has no natural moisturizers, therefore we recommend you first prepare your skin some 3 days prior to Elicina use. It is best to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream day and night. On the third day you may begin using Elicina (am/pm).

With your face clean and dry, apply a small amount of Elicina performing a little massage until it absorbs, then you apply moisturizing or nourishing cream on top of Elicina; this way you will keep your complexion always moist thus avoiding any discomfort caused by the exfoliant action of the Glycolic Acid that comes naturally in the snails extract.
6.- Can Elicina be used by children?
Yes. Elicina is a natural-organic and hypoallergenic cream fit for all kinds of skins and age including children. COANIQUEM (Corporation for the burned children, in Chile) uses it for patient treating of skin grafts due to burns (children) with extraordinary results
7.- How do you apply Elicina on the skin?
Its application must be twice a day (am/pm) every day in a small amount over clean skin.
It mustn’t be applied more than twice a day on the face for this skin is more delicate than the rest of the body and could cause blemishes due to excessive exfoliation.
If Elicina is used in other parts of the body it could be used up to 3 times a day, like for example, old scars that take more time to obtain results. If 3 daily applications bring about blemishes or irritation, reduce to 2 applications.
Elicina must not be in direct contact with the eyes for it will sting. If such is the case, rinse off with plenty of water.
8.- How long must you wait to apply Elicina on a scar due to surgery?
Once your doctor has released you as a patient, unless he indicates otherwise,
After major surgery, many times a scar can look like a thick wrinkled cord with a darker pigmentation, this is called queloid. Many people have the tendency to form queloids. With Elicina application on these queloids twice a day, pigmentation should resemble that of healthy skin, the wrinkle ness of the queloid begins to soften and the thickness of the cord begins to diminish to a point of almost imperceptible.
9.- What are the benefits of Elicina for being a hypoallergenic cream?
All hypoallergenic products offer a wider range of safety in its use as well as a larger number of consumers who can benefit from its qualities.
Elicina is not an exception to this rule, what makes it really special is that it belongs to a select group of only 3% of natural creams with protein extracts that can be labeled hypoallergenic.
But do remember that this excludes people that unfortunately may result allergic to Elicinas’ active principal, if such is the case, user must discontinue use immediately.
10.- Can Elicina help me with my acne?
Yes. Elicina efficiently fights acne and the after effects that may remain on the skin like scars, marks, darker pigmentation, blemishes and greasy skin. There are some basic cares we must adopt in order to fight this unpleasant illness from its core, for example:
• Take care of our diet: avoid meals with to much oil (fried food, nuts, almonds etc…)
• Drink plenty of liquids, specially water.
• Do not take baths with water that is too hot
• Make yourself the habit to clean your face every day with facial astringent tonics (these eliminate the excess of oiliness on the skin) and in the case of women, remove make up before bed is first priority
These are only some good tips to prevent acne to become more aggressive.
Once you are aware of how to face this problem on a daily basis and change your habits, you can help yourself efficiently with Elicina.The reason why Elicina is so effective against acne is because of the natural properties of the extract of a 100% of Elicina, an 80% is pure snail extract and only a 20% of excipients. In other words ¾ of Elicina is working solely in regenerating and recovering the elasticity of your skin.
Elicina is applied twice a day (am/pm). You must only apply a small amount over the whole area where the acne occurs, not only over each pimple, massage slightly until it absorbs rapidly.
Elicina does not contain any moisturizers, which is good for it will avoid the greasiness of the skin. If you are consistent you may see results in 3 weeks.

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