Elicina Production

The Bascunan family has now adopted over 10,000 snails! Their qualified staff maintain the snails environment by making sure the snails are in best nutrition, hygiene, humidity and temperature. No chemicals are used in this process, in order to produce the most natural environment for the snails!

This is a safe process for the snails and we would like to emphasise that no snail is harmed or injured in the process.

The secretion abudntely left behind by the snails is collected and sent off to Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Laboratory Lacofar Ltd Chile, which is responsibile for conducting the microbiological and bacteriological tests that are also required by the Chilean Health Authorities. After conclusing anaylsis Lacfor Ltd proceeds in mixing 80% extract with 20% excipients which is then sent on for further tests of stability.

Finally Elicina is bottled and packed and distributed to its different markets all over the world! Elicina has a shelf life of three years and has been recommended to keep under standard room temperature.