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General Benefits

Elicina is one cream that can be used for all your skin needs. Whether you like to use Elicina for a specific skin issue or just desire healthy looking skin, Elicina can be used as part of your daily skin care routine day and night. Elicina works with the natural compounds found in your skin to make your skin the best it can be, penetrating the deep layers all the way to the surface of your skin.


Elicina can work wonders on Acne, as it removes dead skin cells and bacteria under the skin. At first the acne may look worse, but this is only because all impurities are being brought the surface. After a little persarverance you will notice great results. The Allantoin in Elicina will regenerate the skin to achieve a smooth and clear complexion.

Wrinkles and Age Spots

Elicina Cream improves the appearance of fine facial wrinkles, discolouration and surface roughness associated with chronic sun exposure. The natural product sloughs off dead skin, contributes to and fosters the regeneration of collagen and elastin and allows cells in the top layer of skin, which is always being replaced, to mature more normally than untreated sun-damaged cells. Elicina Cream's natural biological ingredients and their healing effects on wrinkle and photo ageing skin:

1. Allantoin is what makes regeneration of animal (and human) skin possible. The SNAIL itself has the capacity of regenerating its own shell if broken by using calcium, obtained through its diet and the action of Allantoin. It is also an antioxidant, which helps fight off free-radicals, the scavengers that damage skin and speed the ageing process.

2. Proteins & Vitamins resulting in richness and softness of the skin. These proteins and vitamins are obtained through the SNAIL'S vegetable-rich diet. Vitamins also act as an anti-inflammatory.

3. Collagen & Elastin, the main components of the human skin connective tissue. The loss of these fibres, which are crucial to the firmness and suppleness of your skin, causes wrinkles. The natural collagen and elastin in the SNAIL cream helps renew and revitalize skin affected by wrinkles.

4. Glycolic Acid, which makes skin peeling or exfoliation possible, eliminating dead cells and those crusty or scaly actinic keratosis lesions due to sun damage arising in the skin. Where is that wonderful, radiant new skin? It's there. You just can't see it. The "glue" that holds dead skin onto our faces was once soft but hardens as we age. If you're wondering why your complexion looks dull, it's because you're looking at dead skin. Get rid of it! This is the way to improve your living skin. Dead skin prevents oxygen, moisture and nutrients from reaching your living skin. And here's another bonus: The old skin on your face tends to sag and hold wrinkles. Your new skin underneath will have a thickened tautness and smoothness.


Elicina is a healing a cream and works wonders with scars both old and new. New scars work best with Elicina, however older scars can still be addressed. Elicina is hypoalgenic and can be used after surgery or on damaged skin to reduce discoloration and smooth the skin. Elicina is also known to successfully work well with keloid and scar tissue ( raised bump or scar mass).

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks result when the skin's collagen and elastin fibres are literally stretched to breaking point, and are caused when the skin is called upon to stretch while hormones are out of balance, e.g: pregnancy,puberty (rapid growth), body builders using steroids or steroid-type hormones released from your own adrenal cortex during these stressful periods on the body.

Elastin in the dermis enables the skin to snap back easily, and Collagen gives skin its strength, in order to keep it from stretching or sagging too much. Both fibres are extremely vulnerable to the sun's ultra-violet rays, which destroy them. Skin care products that contain collagen and elastin usually can not restore these fibres because their molecules are too large to pass through the skin's horny layer. So using collagen creams after a "sanding" massage to get rid of rough skin on the surface will not help your skin regenerate quickly.

As Elicina! containts glycolic acid (which is found in the snail's secretion) it is able to penetrate through the cell walls by virtue of its small molecular size and it also keeps the hair follicles open, carrying into them the skin repair bio-available ingredients contained in the snail's secretion, namely allantoin, collagen, elastin, proteins and vitamins.

Thus Elicina! unlike other creams contains elastin and collagen molecules which penetrates within the skin follicles, which is carried in by the glycolic acid which is combined in the snails' slime. Collagen and elastin will help in the process of regenerating your damaged skin by quickly restoring the water holding properties of healthy skin. Once inside the follicle allantoin and amino acid chains (peptides and proteins) within Elicina! will trigger and accelerate the formation of new elastic cells, collagen and pigment, filling in stretch mark cavities. It will also shrink and replace the old fibrous and damaged collagen

To prevent and repair stretch marks use Elicina twice a day on affected areas or parts of your body that are vulnerable to stretch marks.

Ingrown Hair

The exfoliating properties of Elicina work well on ingrown hair and razor bumps. Elicina also cleanses the affected area, reduces swelling/ redness and gently moisturises the skin. Visible results can be seen by applying a small amount of Elicina to skin after shaving or hair removal.

Roscia and Eczema

There have many positive reviews by customers who suffer from Rosacea and Eczema. The protein and vitamins and glycolic acid in Elicina help heal the skin and regenerate the skin to its natural state. The vitamins in Elicina act as an anti-inflammatory and also protect the skin from free radicals.