Elicina is hypo allergenic and can be used by men, women, children and even pregnant women.

It is advised to use Elicina both day and night along with a simple daily moisturiser and sun protection to achieve the best results.

Elicina contains a low amount of glycolic acid which peels the dead outer layer of skin to open clogged pores to allow for deep penetration of the repairing qualities in the skin follicles. As a result some people may experience a “drying” or a “tight sensation”. This usually subsides after applying a moisturiser however if it persists, then only use Elicina once a day instead of twice.

The natural ingredient of Allantoin which speeds the renewal of skin cells, collagen and elastin to nourish the skin of its own components, so will act to restore your skin. In a minority of cases people with acne prone skin may experience a temporary break out of spots. This is because the active ingredients in Elicina cream are drawing out impurities